Symptom of the collection client is that it will be invalid and no scans or updates will take place

  • 7005505
  • 17-Mar-2010
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks 7.5 Asset Management - ZAM7.5


Collection client goes into an invalid state and no updates or scans will take place


Fixed in ZENworks Asset Management 7.5 Interim Release 22 or newer

Interim Releases can be scheduled to run automatically or can be downloaded manually at  The Interim releases can be set up within the ZAM Manager for the Task server to check the site on a scheduled basis, and download and apply them automatically. Please refer to the Help Section details of how to set up automatic downloads if desired.

Each interim release is cumulative. If Interim Release 22 is not available due to a newer interim release being placed on the website, be assured that the code needed is in the later release.

Additional Information

Win32 collector failing with no kb's present so no connifno.dat information available. Customer is pushing out the client via the RCI utility within the manager. Due to some sort of timing issue not all the client files specifically the .kb files are avaiable when the collector (colw32.exe) starts. Because of this the collector is really failing, although we dont see that, and the client is not able to truly get the information it needs from the conninfo.dat file and therefore no machine name, serial number or ip address is being passed to the collection server. This leaves the client in an invalid state
Description: Client is sending empty string values for machine name, lanaddress, serial number. When this happens, the server flags the client as Invalid and the client does not progress. Two changes: i) client side * cclient will now restart when the ColW32.exe is updated ii) server side * server will now allow the connection to go through without registering the client when it detects an empty machinename  * server checks and adds kb files to the critical file list (requires a client restart) whenever a critical file is to be updated (critical files: cclient.exe, cclientsvc.exe, colw32.exe) * then invalidates the client and waits for the client to restart