find.exe in batch script may GPF ZENworksWindowsService

  • 7005493
  • 16-Mar-2010
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management


In a bundle with script action to run batch file, use of:
find "somefile" *.*
may crash ZENworksWindowsService .
ERROR:  "Unhandled exception in find.exe "


Check errorlevel codes within the batch file to catch error (Example 1) or avoid passing the errorlevel to ZENworks agent (Example 2):
Example 1:
@echo off
find "somefile" *.*
if errorlevel==1 goto notfound
echo "Search string found"
goto end
echo "Search string not found"
Example 2:
find "some" *.*
goto end

Additional Information

The problem is specific to find.exe.
find.exe returns an error level 0 if the string is found and returns 1 if the string is not found. 
The error level from find and process exit codes are different.
When find.exe is used in the batch file, the exit code of the process start is always 1 and the bundle fails, although the string is found.  The ZENworks agent checks for exit code value to be 0 for the bundle to be considered successfully run.