Restrictive closest server rules and Patch bundles

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  • 02-Mar-2010
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management with Support Pack 2 - 10.2


When closest server rules are too restrictive for content, patch bundle content may be unavailable from a satellite.
ERROR: In ZCC device error list for a particular DAU (Discover Applicable Update, varies with platform):
Could not download content for Discover Applicable Updates Windows-x86-en-2003sp1 because a server could not be located.
ERROR:  (in zmd-messages.log):
[DistributionHandler] [] [(Thread=76) Failed to distribute item: Could not download content for Discover Applicable Updates Windows-x86-en-2003sp1 because a server could not be located.] [] []
[ZenworksWindowsService] [76] [] [ActionManager] [] [Action handler Distribute Action finished processing  with error: ActionMan.CouldNotLocateServer.] [] []


If a device's closest server rule restricts the managed device to exclude all primary servers and use only satellite servers, the patch bundle content may not be synchronized to that satellite.  Check the setting in ZCC:
Configuration > Patch Management > Subscription Download > Specify whether patch bundle content will automatically replicate to other servers  > Cache patch bundles to satellite servers
NOTE:  In 10.2.1 and later the DAU only can be explicitly set to synch to satellites via the Content Tab/Include option.  This does not require the full synch of all patch content.  Prior to 10.2.1 including content servers explicitly for DAU bundles would be reset with each DAU revision.

Additional Information

There are other reasons for this error if the server can't be reached or doesn't have content for some other reason.  However by default since satellites don't synchronize Patch content, this setting should be considered first if closest server rules are set to satellite only for content.
For more information from zmd-messages.log look for the actual content request after refresh.  For example:
If that location has been marked Bad, it can be tested in a browser.  Either the content does not exist on that server content-repo or the server cannot be reached.
Note: In the ZCC error, the Related Objects is likely the guid of the system bundle for Patch management.  For example:
Related Objects: /System/System Bundles/136d46404c329ba188c944d661de030b
While System bundles are not displayed in ZCC they can be manually found by using the bundle guid in URL, for example:
CAUTION:  This should not be used to change information, just to inspect the content tab for synchronization status.  This link is subject to change in future releases of ZENworks.