Internet Message Larger Than Allowed Size at MTA Does Not Generate Undeliverable Message Back to Sender

  • 7005398
  • 26-Feb-2010
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 8


If message size limit is enabled and configured at the MTA, a message sent in
from the internet that is over the size will not generate a message back to the
sender, but will simply be deleted.  Message seen at the MTA log will be like
the following:

03:43:07 064 MTP: gwdom: Received file: xb85f115.000, Size: 37249836
03:43:08 064 RTR: gwdom: 000009c4.3B4: Routing
/opt/novell/groupwise/db/gwdom/mslocal/gwinprog/4/000009c4.3B4 (36377 kb)
03:43:08 064 RTR: gwdom: 000009c4.3B4: Send size limit exceeded (37249836)
03:43:08 064 RTR: gwdom: 000009c4.3B4: Originator: . [ofs]
03:43:08 064 RTR: gwdom: 000009c4.3B4: No UDM status generated, no originator


This is a bug that has been reported to development.
To work around the issue, set the size limit at the GWIA the same as or less than the size limit set at the MTA or remove the size limit from the MTA.


Reported to Engineering

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