Reinstall Tomcat and Apache on Netware 6.5

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  • 24-Feb-2010
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell NetWare 6.5
Novell Web Services
Novell Apache on NetWare
Novell Tomcat on NetWare
Novell NetWare Web Manager


Apache2 will not load on the server
Missing ap2webup.ncf file
Reinstall Tomcat and Apache on Netware 6.5


Reinstall Tomcat and Apache on NetWare 6.5

1- Unload all webservices and applications on the server.  Java -exit will unload all Tomcat instances.  You may have the Apache2 Webmanager running.  Use admsrvdn to unload the WebManager service.  DO NOT RENAME OR DELETE THE EXISTING APACHE OR TOMCAT DIRECTORIES.  Install over the top.
2- Put the NetWare 6.5 Products CD in the server's cdrom drive and wait for it to auto-mount (do VOLUMES on the console to see).
3- Run "Startx" at the system console.  Select "Novell" to start and select "Install."  When the menu comes up select "Add".
4- Browse to the CD volume with the browse button next to the "Path to install from" field. Select Jakarta Apache and Tomcat and follow the instructions.
5- Test Apache2 by typing "ap2webup" at the system console.  You should see an Apache screen in the screen list labelled "Apache 2.0.45 for NetWare".  On the Apache screen you will see ports that are listening if it loads successfully.

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