No event data from Legacy Collectors after applying SLM Hotfix 4 (

  • 7005388
  • 24-Feb-2010
  • 26-Apr-2012


Sentinel Log Manager


Compatibility problem with Legacy Collectors (non-javascript) after applying Hotfix 4 (  
The exisiting/installed SLM Legacy Collectors (using the legacy sentinel script and not SDK+Javascript) are not collecting event data after the hotfix upgrade. 
The event data is not forwarded and stored in Sentinel Log Manager.
Event data is from the LEgacy Collectors are not found via a search or in reports.
Event Data is seen in the "Raw Data Tap". 
Javascript collectors (for example the Generic Collector) everything is still working.


Temporarily, please contact Novell Technical Support for a fix until the fix is released in Sentinel Log Manager (Hotfix 5).