Novell GroupWise API Gateway stops functioning when upgraded to GroupWise 8

  • 7005366
  • 19-Feb-2010
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 8
Novell GroupWise Gateway - 4.1 API Gateway for NLM
Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 of Higher


When the owning Domain of a GroupWise API Gateway is upgraded to GroupWise 8, the API gateway will stop functioning and contacts on the Exchange side will start to disappear.

There are changes in the Domain database structure that causes the API GateWay to no longer be able to process the API output file.


As you plan to upgrade your GroupWise System to GroupWise 8, do not upgrade the domain which owns the API Gateway. Leave it at 703.
If  you have already upgraded the API Gateway Domain to GroupWise 8 and the API Gateway has ceased to function, you can restore the functionality by re-grafting a prior version of the Domain and Gateway.

Create a GroupWise Domain with the API Gateway in a separate GroupWise system, once created and working then release the domain and graft it into the Production GroupWise 8 system, this allows the domain to be grafted into the GroupWise 8 system without the Primary Domain writing to the API Gateway's Domain structure. Then configure the Exchange system to
use the newly grafted API Gateway and load the Gateway.