NCP connected client does not see entire directory structure - random results from tree view

  • 7005345
  • 16-Feb-2010
  • 08-Nov-2012


Novell Client for Windows 2000/XP/2003
Novell Client for Windows 95/98
Novell Client for Vista
Novell Client for Linux
Novell ConsoleOne
Novell iManager
Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 (OES 2) Linux


From an NCP connected client viewing or enumeration of directory entries, results in random and spurious lists of entries.  Sometimes the listing would include all entries, in others it would result in random entries appearing and disappearing.  During the same time from the servers console, the directory entries presented to the NCP connected clients would remain visible and would not vacillate between good and bad listings.
eg., issuing: ls -l /media/nss/<volume>/<directory> would be constant even though the NCP connected clients view of the file tree would vary.

Files and folders seem to disappear.
Sniffer trace showed NCP client making request(s) and server responding with entries in a normal manner, however some entries would not be enumerated (listed).
DOS command; DIR <unc or drive letter and path> resulted in incomplete listing also.
NRM inventory list did not reflect all files visible through console commands.
iManager and ConsoleOne would show directories sometimes but not others.


Modified the default entries for file caching:
issue: ncpcon set
record current settings for entries listed above.
issue: ncpcon set <entry to modify> = <new value>
for each setting you wish to modify.  In this case the default values were doubled and the problem was resolved.
ncpcon set maximum_cached_files_per_subdirectory = 4096
ncpcon set maximum_cached_files_per_volume = 40000
ncpcon set maximum_cached_subdirectories_per_volume = 100000
There are several references for each value pair within the documentation section of the support site.