ZPM scans for Windows Server 2008 require Windows Automatic Updates Service

  • 7005313
  • 08-Feb-2010
  • 30-Apr-2012


ZPM Update Agent v6.4.2.405 or higher
Microsoft Windows New Content Architecture (NCA) content


This TID explains an undocumented software dependency or prerequisite that the ZPM Update Agent for Windows v6.4 requires when managing Microsoft Windows New Content Architecture (NCA) content updates.

Novell ZPM and Lumension are taking a proactive approach toward an era of open, standards-based systems. At its core, the Novell ZPM platform is opening to content that has been created by the global content community.

For Novell ZPM customers, this New Content Architecture (NCA) opens the door to a diverse range of security and application patches, configuration states, policy mappings, application hash libraries, software distributions, and IT “best practice” configurations that are constantly being made available by multiple vendors and standards bodies. This new content architecture helps lays the foundation on which more value
will be delivered over the next few years, a broader selection of content more quickly, and build more value into our offering in the future.

Novell ZPM’s first implementation of the NCA technology was for Windows Server 2008. NCA content utilizes the native scan tools that are built into the operating system to detect for missing security patches and critical software updates. If the Windows Update Service is disabled, NCA cannot interface with the native scan tools and patch detection results will not be captured.


If a policy has been enforced to disable “Windows Update” on Windows Server 2008 Systems, modify the policy to:
  • Startup type = “Manual”
  • Service status = “Stopped”

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