Using dbmigrate to move an existing myMO HSQL database to Oracle

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  • 05-Feb-2010
  • 26-Jun-2012


myMO 4.5
myMO 4.6
myMO 4.7


If you intend to use Oracle as a database for myMO, it is strongly recommended that you create a separate schema to host myMO tables. This will make it easier to migrate and/or upgrade myMO database in the future.


If planning to use dbmigrate to move an existing myMO HSQL database to Oracle, you must specify a value for the 'jdbc.default.schema' property in file. 
This property is only necessary if you run dbmigrate against Oracle. It is not necessary if you are migrating for SQL Server.  The value for the schema cannot be SYS or other predefined oracle system schema's.
It must be a new schema created to host myMO database tables.
For example, if you created a schema called 'myMO' to host the myMO tables, the corresponding line in the file will look as follows,  'jdbc.default.schema=myMO'