Initialization of large Service Models take a long time to initialize

  • 7005300
  • 04-Feb-2010
  • 26-Jun-2012


Business Service Manager 4.5
Business Service Manager 4.6
Business Service Manager 4.7


The default Caching behavior of ConfigStore introduced in MO 4.6 and in later patch bundles on 4.5 can cause initialization of large Service Models , Generational Models and/or Geographies to take a long time to initialize.



The workaround for this issue is to add the names of the relevant attribute names as a comma-separated list to"Server.Config.Strings.AlwaysPooled=" in  Server.Config.Strings.AlwaysPooled= field in the file speeds up the startup time of the server by determining which attributes of an element should be cached in memory during startup.

In order to find the names of attributes that need to be included in this field  Add this to $install/database/shadowed/Adapters.ini.  (If there is already a [Formula] section, then simply add this line to what is already there.)

    [Formula] )

The data will show up in the formula.trc under the heading Formula.Script.