OES2 SP2 January 2010 Scheduled Maintenance 20100130 bug fix list

  • 7005280
  • 03-Feb-2010
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 (OES 2) Linux


Fixes provided by the OES2 SP2 January 2010 Scheduled Maintenance 20100130 patch.


Bug 330848 - Netstorage or Xtier is sending the wrong header information when downloading an office 2007 file.
Bug 352610 - Backing up OES using HP Dataprotector causes huge amounts unknown GUID's and cores the server
Bug 363042 - messages sent through nwsend appear from the recipient rather than the sender
Bug 383434 - Debug output emitted in free build of NWGetObjectNamesBegin / NWGetObjectNamesNext APIs
Bug 410238 - Renaming a volume mount point when its in Volume mount point, dismounts the volumes
Bug 419538 - <Beta 4.7> i18n - iPrint manage driver store identification tab page is not fully localized
Bug 420373 - <Beta 4.10> i18n - Some control label text is still not localized in iprint health status pages
Bug 425768 - [NetNLM32] Page Fault abend in running process CIFSPROX.NLM
Bug 441054 - iManager shows Driver store and PSM down on OES2 to OES2SP1 upgrade
Bug 482962 - unable to copy files from/to MAC using CIFS client
Bug 489217 - DNS iManager plugin returns "The Modify DNS Zone request failed" when modifying zone.
Bug 502829 - LUM plugin doesn't maintain history for groups added to "modify workstation object" task
Bug 503179 - Processes spin waiting to access the NSS volume
Bug 503934 - Index process failing to index after access error with "Unable to open directory"
Bug 504377: AutoDriver Update Support in Migration
Bug 511218 - iManager: LUM groups addition to Workstation is not atomic
Bug 512097 - Selecting Drivers Tab shows missing plugin in Firefox browser
Bug 521298 - Tree browse window in "iPrint Migration configuration tasks"  sometimes does not open at the top.
Bug 523663 - AFP
Bug 523955 - DFS Junctions fail randomly with NetStorage
Bug 524239 - Changing eDirectory User password from the agent throws an error
Bug 526213 - Found items should be highlighted
Bug 526835 - iprntman --xml-import fails to write Location/Description to eDir
Bug 528234 - DNS in DSFW:- iMgr:View/modify DNS server option shows as the DNS server IP.
Bug 529530 - L10N - Translations on the help page are inconsistent with the ones on Manage Print Manager page
Bug 530317 - Searching files within a CIFS share is very slow and doesn't complete
Bug 530318 - Namespace value is case sensitive
Bug 532234 - Getting error :"syntax error, unexpected END_OF_LINE, expecting COLON_EQUAL or '/') when cx is present in login script
Bug 533218 - CIFS users not able to authenticate through PDC
Bug 535629 - EIP in LIBC.NLM at code start +0009473Bh
Bug 536187 - Reconfiguring NCS fails with special charcters in password
Bug 536271 - Not able to open the Audit Logs for the specific printer or user
Bug 536877 - AFP does not appear to release memory -Beta4.7
Bug 537258 - OWCIMOMD dies frequently  -SLES10 Sp2 OES2 Sp1
Bug 538046 - User Data missing after user move with 401 Exceptions in Simias Log
Bug 538149 - Cannot backup ifolder data on cluster resource.
Bug 538304 - AFPTCPD core dumps after afptcpd restart
Bug 538887 - iprintman : Description cannot be set to more than 510 characters
Bug 539172 - iprintman takes more than 127 characters for Location field of a PA(iManager takes only 127)
Bug 539419 - Getting Error: 110 communicating with Manager when trying to use iprintman
Bug 540703 - Allow iprintmig to execute migration against psmimport.xml
Bug 540933 - Multiple Start stop of migration does not show proper info on the progress bar
Bug 541066 - Users Not Prompted to Change an Expired Password if it Has Expired
Bug 541296 - CIFS-DFS Unable to map to a cifs share which has a DFS junction after migrating to different node
Bug 541508 - umount NFS connection to clustered NSS volume causes NSS volume to deactivate after offline/online of resource
Bug 541777 - The password in the nss relocate script is clear text and is saved in the history.
Bug 542089 - UID still used after the user is de-LUMenabled.
Bug 542551 - rights command is not capable to set  trustee rights for [Root]
Bug 542687 - User can be given access to the wrong file
Bug 542692 - iFolder stops responding -- Apache error.log shows mono exceptions.
Bug 543313 - Errors while creating nested folders and files from a MAC client
Bug 543395 - NCPSERV.LOG shows past and future date/time dispcrepancies and is flooded with the same message
Bug 543481 - NCPCON mount giving wrong return code back
Bug 543706 - iprintgw is not loading completely when onlining the resource
Bug 544320 - iPhoto library on NSS via AFP results in unable to write to disk errors
Bug 544807 - iPrint Migration 100% success status when drivers fail
Bug 545029 - CIFS not applying ACLs if eDir replicas spread in a certain way
Bug 545063 - iPrintgw unnecessarily alarms customers with Malformed warnings
Bug 545124 - Cluster resource list display is incomplete with BCC San scripts integrated.
Bug 545362 - Gettting Error: "Request (SERVER_ERROR) - bad status code (0x500)" when creating a printer agent
Bug 545488 - Need improve msg to inform customer of proxy server problem
Bug 545769 - CIFS loosing ACLs when restarting
Bug 545997 - NSS is unresponsive
Bug 546336 - AFP core when running mount script on two MACs
Bug 546865 - NCS resource .out files automatically reduced from 12k to 6k
Bug 547643 - XADSD cores LsapLookupDisplaySid
Bug 548806 - The miggui failes doing an id admin
Bug 550451 - Auto Driver Update Feature Loses Default Printer Setting
Bug 550526 - Sync on 3.7, 3.8x versions of MAC client completely broken!
Bug 550816 - Brother printer status doesn't update
Bug 551033 - Cannot administer file rigths with iManager
Bug 551300 - The iprint_nss_relocate script is not able to handle space in password.
Bug 551521 - NetStorage Arbitrary code execution vulnerability on NetWare 6.5 SP8
Bug 551617 - The DHCP (OES Linux) plugin does not allow spaces in strings
Bug 551823 - iprint_nss_relocate script hangs @ "userdel iprint" in DSFW cluster setup
Bug 552238 - SA37169: Novell iPrint Client "target-frame" Buffer Overflows()" function.
Bug 552625 - LPR crashes ipsmd when using banners.
Bug 552745 - Not able to backup/restore iFolder using cluster resources
Bug 552818 - Pool corruption caused by ownership confusion on shared resources in clustered environments
Bug 552827 - PSM fails to start if server hosting Driver store is not reachable
Bug 553525 - The DHCP (OES Linux) plugin does not allow spaces in strings
Bug 553927 - SA37169#2: Novell iPrint Client boundary error in the parsing of certain time information
Bug 554032 - SID to Name crack failing in Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2
Bug 554463 - pool deactivate hangs
Bug 554554 - unable to add OES2SP2 server as secondary replica where OES2SP1 server is primary replica
Bug 554871 - NSS pools getting doubled mounted when poison pills are sent around.
Bug 555097 - AFP cores leaving iPhoto database corrupt
Bug 555307 - linux auditd should not be a dependency of novell-cifs
Bug 555832 - CIFS and AFP should be configured automatically to utilize logrotate feature
Bug 555918 - Print delays with accounting API and 200911** code.
Bug 556127 - When SMS hits a stale GUID it stops backing up trustees in that directory
Bug 556502 - vldb segfaults when starting up
Bug 556659 - Documentation and help inconsistent with CROSS_PROTOCOL_LOCKS ncp parameter
Bug 557724 - Set of UI issues which requires a fix in miggui
Bug 557729 - ZDM 7 sp1 IR4 Slow login in Citrix server after changing user home drives from NetWare to OES server
Bug 557949 - Restrict links in displaying in FS Volume information tab
Bug 558332 - client auto upgrade pop-up message is not coming in clients after upgrading ifolder3-clients rpm of 'Restore tool' build
Bug 558794 - NSS: Server crashes while offlining cluster resources
Bug 558848 - Volume are dismounted from NCP randomly
Bug 559415 - In the generate report page the PA names are not linked to the PA Status page.
Bug 559636 - Accounting issue: List all jobs doesn't start with first job
Bug 559999 - Non-English OES2 SP2 fails to install iPrint printers
Bug 560421 - NCS: offlining multiple resources via script kills the cluster.
Bug 560591 - DSFW install fails in “Set Credentials for Accountsâ€
Bug 560757 - NCP mount fails if cached volID doesn't match ID given with mount command
Bug 561345 - NSS mirroring does not get activated by a pool activation on shared devices if NCS is not loaded.
Bug 561346 - After upgrade to OES2 SP2 can't join Windows 2000 Pro to DSfW domain.
Bug 561682 - Error in German iPrint JavaScript file
Bug 561754 - Getting Error: "Error: psm "" does not exist" when using iprintman psm -l
Bug 561830 - During upgrade the password policy for domain controller and computer container should be updated
Bug 561928 - DHCP Server not correctly honoring leases that were previously migrated from NetWare
Bug 562229 - Kernel-bug message during startup of NCS.
Bug 564266 - NSS: NCS resources get stuck while unloading if mirror is out of sync
Bug 565080 - migfiles failing with ruby errors
Bug 565523 - dns fixes for the patch on the upgrade
Bug 565554 - /proc/nll/statistics not displaying mem stats properly. Also needed new entries to display size allocated from kmalloc and vmalloc
Bug 565727 - Files managed via NSM policies have RO attribute set and results in NSM policy failure - unable to move files
Bug 572574 - found credentials in log file