CASA credentials lost after server reboot

  • 7005275
  • 02-Feb-2010
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 (OES 2) Linux Support Pack 2


After rebooting the server, rcnovell-dhcpd status reported that it was not running. Attempts to start failed. Further investigation showed there were no CASA credentials ('CASAcli -l' which lists credentials did not show the dhcp-ldap credential).

Additionally, credentials readded via CASAcli (see the Examples portion under 'CASAcli -h') would not persist after a reboot.


Somehow the CASA credential store had become corrupt. By recreating the directory structure, newly created credentials would persist through a reboot.

To recreate the CASA store:
WARNING: Recreating the directory structure will remove any CASA credentials in use. By default, novell-afptcpd, novell-named, novell-cifs, novell-dhcpd all use CASA. CASAcli -l will list the credentials currently stored in CASA from which you can see which products will have to have their CASA credentials recreated. Make sure to write down the names of the credentials you see.
1. rcmicasad stop
2. Rename the /home/.casa directory
3. rcmicasad start

Now it should be possible to recreate the CASA credentials and have them persist:
1. Recreate the CASA credentials either through Yast -> OES Install and Configuration -> Configure the component needing the credential, or with CASAcli (CASAcli -h will give examples on how to set the credentials)
2. Verify CASAcli -l lists the credentials.
3. Reboot and make sure credentials are still there via CASAcli -l.