TCPIP.CFG is corrupt

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  • 01-Feb-2010
  • 26-Apr-2012


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Novell NetWare 6.0
Novell NetWare 5.x
Novell NetWare 4.11
Novell NetWare 4.2
Novell NetWare 6.5


TCPIP.CFG is corrupt
NETINFO.CFG is corrupt.
Changes made in inetcfg are ineffective.
System rejected ARP Bind request.
INETCFG imports parameters incorrectly.
Information is being reported incorrectly in inetcfg.
Corrupt files are created by INETCFG.
Files created by INETCFG are corrupt or incorrect.
openWBEM causes slow communication when loaded


When using INETCFG to configure the routing and configuration, five files are generated. If a user wants to delete and recreate their entire configuration, the majority of the following files can be deleted with no bad effects on the server. These files are located in the SYS:\ETC directory on the server:

The last file, NETINFO.CFG, cannot be deleted or changed manually without causing problems to the server unless the user also edits the checksum file involved. This file is called NETINFO.CHK. If a user has edited the NETINFO.CFG file, this checksum file needs to be edited as well. This can be accomplished by changing the checksum in this file to a zero, and then saving the file. When the system is reinitialized, INETCFG should have no more configuration in it, and can be set up from the beginning.

Also, it needs to be noted that this procedure of editing the NETINFO.CFG file manually is recommended only after all other options for recovering the configuration have been exhausted. Changes to the configuration are strongly recommended to be performed in INETCFG.
Procedure to recreate netinfo.cfg and TCPIP.cfg files.
1 -- Edit the autoexec.ncf file:   
      a) load only the IPX protocol.   
      b) Load only one board.   
      c) Bind only IPX to the interface card using the 802.2 frame type   
      d) Delete or comment out the line that loads "sys:etc\initsys.ncf"
2 -- Unload tcpip.nlm
3 -- Delete the netinfo.cfg, netinfo.chk and tcpip.cfg files.
4 -- Reboot the server.
5 -- Load inetcfg and allow it to transfer commands.    
       NOTE: On NetWare 5 servers do not select the fast-track setup and allow the server to reboot. After the reboot continue to step 6.
6 -- Load inetcfg.
7 --< Select > Protocols > TCP/IP
8 -- Enable TCP/IP and press < Escape > until you are back at the main menu of inetcfg.
9 -- If necessary, had any extra interface cards.
10 --< Select >Bindings > recreate whatever bindings are necessary.
11 -- Configure LAN static and default routing as necessary.         
         See -- "Configure a default route for TCP/IP..." for more information.
12 -- Exit inetcfg and either reboot the system or reinitialize the system.

Additional Information

The netinfo.cfg or tcpip.cfg configuration files are the most likely files to be corrupted during inetcfg operations.
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