LDAP Contextless Login Settings Are Missing

  • 7005254
  • 29-Jan-2010
  • 26-Apr-2012


Microsoft Windows Vista
Microsoft Windows 7


When configuring LDAP Contextless Login Settings, the options available in the Parameters section are different than they were in the 4.91 Client. Specifically, the following settings are missing:
Allow Wildcard in Searches
Search on E-mail Address
Search on Full Name
Search on Given Name
Search on Surname
Search on Telephone Number
search on Unique ID


LDAP Contextless Login wildcard support was disabled in the Novell Client for Windows Vista 1.0 and later, due to the intentional differences which existed in how Novell Client for Windows Vista handles login profiles on a per-user basis versus the way the Novell Client for Windows XP/2003 had handles location profiles.
An enhancement request has been submitted so that adding this functionality can be considered for a future release of the Client.

Additional Information

Vista expects to know the specific username to load login profiles for before the login dialog defaults such as eDirectory tree name, context and server are loaded.

LDAP Contextless Login, on the other hand, expects to know the eDirectory tree name before performing an LDAP Contextless Login lookup, since LDAP Contextless Login can be enabled or disabled on a per-tree basis.

So, performing a wildcard search by entering in "J*" in the "Username" field instead of "JSmith" presents a problem of not knowing which login profiles to load, and therefore which eDirectory tree name those profile(s) might have are also unknown.

These are the same reasons other LDAP Contextless Login options were disabled, such as the ability to search LDAP on email address, full name, etc. Because entering these "alternate names" into the "Username" field wouldn't provide the Novell Client with the name it needs in order to correctly load the appropriate login profiles, these alternate searchs present the same situation as wildcards do.