Workflow Form does not show picklist with show 2 lists = true

  • 7005234
  • 27-Jan-2010
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell User Application 3.5.1
Novell User Application 3.6.0
Novell User Application 3.6.1


There is a Request Form with a PickList that should only show up after a
'onRemove' event triggered by another field. After an initial field.hide()
though it is never able to successfully do anymore.

The starting situation is that the PickList receives a 'onDefault' event and
executes field.hide(). Then, after the user changes a certain value, the
PickList receives an 'onRemove' event and executes The
field.hide() works fine, but does not work anymore.

Two characteristics:
-This only happens to PickLists with 'Show 2 Lists' set to TRUE.
-Request form is started with an 'onRemove' event (instead of 'onDefault')
and afterwards do an 'onDefault' and another 'onRemove' event the whole
PickList works fine (i.e. it shows, hides and shows again). So it only seems to
happen when the starting situation is field.hide().


The issue is reported in bug 473994.

The issue has been fixed in IDM Roles Based Provisioning Module 361 Field Patch C

Workaround for lower versions of User application:

As a workaround for pick list controls that show 2 columns, one must include
the onload event on the pick list control itself and execute a field.hide()

This will force the JUICE control to execute and be available at the client
side just like the pick list controls with only 1 column do. Basically, the
control must be rendered before it can be hidden.