Unable to login to Sentinel Rapid Deployment

  • 7005226
  • 26-Jan-2010
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Sentinel RD Sentinel Server
Novell Sentinel RD Sentinel Control Center


- Unable to authenticate to Sentinel RD with the Sentinel Control Center client or from the Tomcat web console

- All users logins are affected (The only user that can login is the "dbauser" using tools like psql or PGadmin, but this login is possible only to the PostGreSQL database)

- Restarting Sentinel RD server does not resolve the problem\

- Logins appear to take a long time and complain about invalid user names and passwords


One possible cause of these problems is the expiration of the (trial) license key. To confirm whether or not this is the case, check all the das_binary*.log and das_core*.log files for messages like the following:

Mon Jan 18 14:18:33 MYT 2010|INFO|main|esecurity.base.licensing.LicenseKey.<init>

Supported Applications are -> Embedded Database

Mon Jan 18 14:18:33 MYT 2010|INFO|main|esecurity.base.licensing.LicenseKey.init

Found date Fri Jan 15 00:00:00 MYT 2010 using hostid 00000000 for serial number 12345678 and license key f8c3c30e4656d19a.

Mon Jan 18 14:18:33 MYT 2010|INFO|main|esecurity.base.db.connection.DBConnectionManager.getInstance

Checking license...

Mon Jan 18 14:18:33 MYT 2010|SEVERE|main|esecurity.base.db.connection.DBConnectionManager.getInstance

This product's license has expired.

The logs clearly show that the license key has expired. This is the reason why the logins are taking a long time and eventually failing.
To resolve this issue, obtain a valid license key and update the Sentinel RD environment using the $ESEC_HOME/bin/softwarekey utility.

Restart Sentinel using /etc/init.d/sentinel restart and users should be able to login now.