OES DHCP fails to startup: LDAP: Cannot parse dhcpService entry

  • 7005205
  • 22-Jan-2010
  • 08-Nov-2012


Novell DHCP
Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 (OES 2) Linux


While trying to start dhcp service on OES, the following error was encountered:
LDAP line 18: semicolon expected.
failover peer "
LDAP line 99: eof in string constant
LDAP: cannot parse dhcpService entry 'cn=serviceName,o=Organization'
Configuration file errors encountered -- exiting
The system administrator was unaware of any changes to the system


This error is generally caused by some type of user-specified setting that has been created.  The following cases have been reported to cause this error:

1.  There was an invalid option configured on the service.  After removing that service, dhcp was able to load.  In this particular instance DHCP option 130 was configured.  The value assigned to the option was "PHONE"".  As seen in the value, it was incorrectly configured (the value wasn't yet configured completely with the vendor specific information, and contained an extra quote (3 double-quotes instead of just a pair).
The file need not be edited directly; rather, use the DNS/DHCP Java Management Console or iManager to manage the options.

Development has chosen not to fix iManager in this case and recommends using the DNS/DHCP Management Console.

2. Duplicate IP Address reservation.  Check for any duplicate names / reservations and clean up if necessary.