GroupWise Monitor does not read Gateway Acccounting data files

  • 7005196
  • 21-Jan-2010
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 8 Support Pack 1 Hot Patch 1


Following the GroupWise 8 Documentation, chapter 65.5 Collecting Gateway Accounting Data.
Create an external GW domain, link it to the primary domain using ip with a unique port. 
Create external PO and user.
Assign an existing GW user as the accountant of the GWIA.
Using the GWIA Account's GW Client, configure a rule to forwards all mails with the accounting file to the external user.
The GWIA accountant receives the accounting files after restarting GWIA.
In the Accountant's mailbox - sent items folder,  The rule generated message stay in a pending state - as external user does not have a real mailbox.
The link from Primary to External domain is open and configured as per the documentation - ip and a unique port specified in the Link Configuration Tool.
GW Monitor does not show any accounting log files via Log | Gateway Accounting Logs.
Consequently there isn't any info in Reports | Gateway Accounting.
In all these places is GWIA listed with a check-box, but you do not get any accounting info displayed in any place.
The online documentaion is not correct and has been reported.


This has been reported to development.


Reported to Engineering