How To Disable Virtual Media on the Remote Access Controller on the Forge Appliance

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  • 20-Jan-2010
  • 30-Apr-2012


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This article describes the process by which the virtual media can be disabled on the Dell Remote Access Controller (DRAC) on the Forge Appliance.


There are 2 methods for disabling the virtual media on the DRAC, the first is through the Web UI of the DRAC card or alternatively, through the BIOS settings of the DRAC.

Through the Web UI:

1- Log in to the DRAC using Web Browser.

2- Select the "Media" tab

NOTE: You may get prompted to install an ActiveX plug-in, this plug-in is necessary in order to have this functionality available through the Web UI, and will thus need to be installed.

3- Under the "Media" tab, select "Configuration"

4- In the "Attribute", set the value for the "Attach Virtual Media" attribute to "Detach"

5- Click "Apply Changes"

Through the BIOS:

1- On boot up of the Forge Appliance, press Ctrl-E when prompted to modify the DRAC settings

2- Once in the DRAC configuration screen, select "Virtual Media Configuration"

3- Set Virtual Media to "Detached"

4- Press "Esc" and save the changes.