PeopleSoft login screens loops or gets redirected to expired page when integrated with Access Manager

  • 7005103
  • 05-Jan-2010
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell Access Manager 3.1
PeopleSoft Tools 8.49.24


When the customer attempts to access a PeopleSoft Web application through the Access Gateway with Microsoft Internet Explorer they see an endless loop of a blank page loading but never gets to the application. If they use Firefox, they immediately get a "PeopleSoft session expired" page from the origin web server:

PeopleSoft Enterprise

Your Peoplesoft connection has expired.

For increased security on our site, connections are expired after 20 minutes of inactivity.

Your PeopleSoft session has expired.  Close all browser windows before logging in again.  If this is your only active PeopleSoft session, click the Sign In link to sign in again.

Signing in again does not enable access; instead you end up in an endless loop of"expired session" errors. 

When accessing the origin server directly the problem does not manifest itself.


Customer needs to set up the Virtual Addressing tab to match their Novell Access Manager environment. This is done by going into the Web profile of the application being integrated and performing the the following:

1) Go to the Virtual Addressing tab.
2) Under the Reverse Proxy Server section, you should enter the published dns name for the PeopleSoft app protected by Novell Access Manager (protected resource URL).
EXAMPLE: So if your PeoplSoft app URL is and in Access Manager you configured a resource to protect this app as, in the Reverse Proxy Server section you should enter
3) Save configuration (and to be on the safe side: shutdown the PeopleSoft webserver PIA, delete cache, and startup PIA).
4) Test.