How to migrate GMS data between two Linux servers.

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  • 30-Dec-2009
  • 10-Dec-2013


Novell GroupWise Mobile Server 3
Novell GroupWise Mobile Server 3 Support Pack 1


Due to various reasons there is a need to move Linux edition of GMS from existing server on new one.
This article can be considered also as a backup / restore procedure.


Here are steps for a data migration:
1. Get new Linux server installed and on top of it install GMS3.
Here a server name does not matter, neither the IP address. Due to later procedure, perhaps it is better not to use the same server name / IP address as it was on old server. After you install GMS, there is no need to configure it. Just make sure that you can hit the admin page (http://<gms>/admin) and genweb user interface (http://<gms>). Just a point where you get a login web page correctly displayed. To simplify the migration process, I would recommend keeping the same administrator credentials (user name / password) as you were using on old server. Otherwise you would need to edit Sybase SQL database.
2. On old server do following:
a) stop mobilesuite service
b) stop securegateway service
c) stop asadb service
then make a backup of Data folder (under /opt/ims/db -> holds ASA databases) and also file located under /opt/ims/conf folder.
3. On new server:
a) stop mobilesuite service
b) stop securegateway service
c) stop asadb service
then replace existing Data folder and file by ones from older server.
4. After that start again asadb service (if it fails, just repeat the start) to make sure it is running. Next start securegateway and then mobilesuite.
5. Start web browser and hit http://<gms_new>/sgadmin site. Click on Enterprise Info link and remove listed Enterprise server.
6. Stop mobilesuite, securegateway and asadb. Then start asadb, securegateway and mobilesuite again.
7. After all services are up and running (can take from few secs till few mins until you get GMS login page displayed), hit admin site (http://<gms>/admin) and login as admin. Then check / correct following configuration settings:
a) Users tab just to see if old GMS mailboxes were migrated and are displayed.
b) User Settings | Wireless Email User | Novell GroupWise. As far as you have not changed GroupWise settings, old and valid one should be displayed here.
c) System Settings | Server Names. Here reflect IP address of new GMS server, save changed settings.
d) System Settings | Authentication | Sources. Here as far as you have not changed anything in GroupWise settings, old source should be displayed with all valid information.
e) Shall you have extra secure gateways, check them from System Settings | Secure Gateways.
f) The last thing is to remove old GMS server from Management | Servers. Here should be listed both, old and new GMS servers.
8. After that stop mobilesuite, securegateway and start securegateway and mobilesuite.
9. Since you have moved user mailbox without data, you will need to Reset All Accounts from http://<gms>/diag site Wireless Email link. Resetting all accounts can take longer time to pull data for all GMS users from their corresponding GroupWise mailboxes.
If you use a DNS name for the GMS server web link, then end users do not need to change anything on their mobile devices once you assign new GMS IP address within DNS server configuration.