Problems accessing due to differences between http and https protocol handfling

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  • 25-Apr-2012
  • 23-May-2012


Novell Access Gateway For Cloud


When users try and access services at and click the "Sign In" link in the top right corner of page, the following form is presented to the user:

"Enter you domain name: www. <> and go to <Email>" (selection list includes email, calendar, docs, video, sites, domain mgmt)

Assuming the user enters a valid domain name as configured in the AG4C connector configuration and clicks the "Go" button, the user is redirected to the AG4C login form.

After submitting the provisioned users credentials in the AG4C login form (and credentials are validated successfully) the browser is redirected back to the google application selected in the earlier step.

If however the user tries to access (note https protocol), the user experience is very different. When the "Sign In" link is clicked at the Google site, the user is prompted with a google login form to enter credentials (including a password) and not redirected back to the AG4C appliance. Because the user's password has been changed by the AG4C appliance, the user's login attempt will fail. This finally results in a browser redirect to the configured SSO login URL and the user then sees the AG4C login page.

This issue only occurs with and none of the other google services (docs, mail, etc).


Use the http protocol when accessing The issue appears to be google related and no code change on the AG4C appliance will alter the behaviour..