ZCM 10.1 Agent causing High Utilization

  • 7005083
  • 28-Dec-2009
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management with Support Pack 1 - 10.1 ActionHandlers


ZenNotifyIconModule.dll shows 50 percent or higher utilization.
The problem happens when the Windows font size is set to certain custom values.  For instance, 102 percent-105 percent of the default size causes the problem to be manifest, while the problem is not seen with the font size enlarged to 101% or 106%.
Changing the Windows font size from 105 percent to 106 percent.


This is fixed in version 10.2 - see KB 7003225 "ZENworks Configuration Management SP2 (10.2) - update information and list of fixes" which can be found at https://www.novell.com/support

Additional Information

Ultimately, the bug is a rounding error in a javascript file that resizes and positions elements on the ZenNotifyIcon property page.  That error causes the script to think that the allotted content size is too small. The script then enlarges the document size, reruns the calculation, and again mistakenly decides that the allotted size is too small.  This loop continues indefinitely.