Networking fails after resume from S3 on HP xw8600, xw6600 Workstations

  • 7005033
  • 15-Dec-2009
  • 27-Apr-2012


SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11


The HP xw8600 & xw6600 workstations configured with NVIDIA proprietary drivers are able to successfully enter S3 and resume. However, after the system resumes, the integrated Broadcom 5755 network controller no longer works until the system is rebooted.

Steps to Reproduce

a) Configure xw8600 or xw6600 with NVIDIA nvs290 or equivalent, install SLED 11 and NVIDIA proprietary driver.

b) Ping a known good system to verify network is working.

c) Suspend the system using either the gnome menu or by typing "pm-suspend" in a terminal window.

d) Resume the system.

e) Ping a known good system again -- the ping is not successful and networking appears to be broken at this point. A reboot will restore the networking.


Reboot the system to restore the networking.

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