How can you delete specific attachments in GroupWise messages with Gwcheck

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  • 15-Dec-2009
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 6.5
Novell GroupWise 8 Support Pack 1
Novell GroupWise 7 Support Pack 3


Identify a method to delete a specific attachment name in GroupWise messages.


To solution to this question is to run a GWCheck

1.  Analyze/Fix, Content, Fix Problems,
2.  Databases tab of User, Message
3.  Logging tab set to Verbose Logging
4.  A Misc. tab option of :  "attfindpurge = word.doc"    - (without quotes, to delete attachment word.doc)

Additional Information

When Gwcheck is run with this configuration, it will search the GroupWise message store for and attachment called "word.doc" and remove it.

You will see the following in the gwcheck log :
       - Item matches subject "word.doc"
       - Item 128 deleted successfully
       - Problem 87 - Special Cleanup
Successfully deleted message that matched itempurge