Howto get Access to AG4C console when UI is unavailable

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  • 25-Apr-2012
  • 22-May-2012


There may be instances where the AG4C UI does not come up due to technical issues. When this occurs, the troubleshooting mode is not available and access to the log files are not possible. In this unusual process, it is still possible to get access to the server console using the following steps:


The URL for retrieving the sshkey for troubleshooting cases where Init is failing (and thus Admin.html cannot be accessed) is shown below:



-<appliance_ip_or_dns> is the ip address or dns name of the appliance where Init is failing
-<server_name> is the automatically assigned server name (ag4csrv1, ag4csrv2, etc)
-<base64_encoded_Init_credentials> is the base64 encoded Init user and assigned password

A good base64 encoder to use is at


1. Where Init fails before the final step such that the Init user on server ag4csrv1 still has the default password of "password" (cn=init,ou=sa,o=data:password)

2. Where Init fails after the final step such that the Init user on ag4csrv1 has been assigned a new password of "novell" (cn=init,ou=sa,o=data:novell)

3. Where the Init user on ag4csrv2 has been assigned the password of "Novell123" (cn=init,ou=sa,o=data:Novell123)