Unable to connect via CIFS

  • 7004999
  • 09-Dec-2009
  • 24-Jan-2018


Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 (OES 2) Linux SP1
Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 (OES 2) Linux SP2


CIFS configuration in yast does not add the CIFS object class and attributes to the NCP Server object.
CIFS configuration appears to complete successfully.
iManager CIFS plugin says that CIFS is not running when it is.
CIFS settings cannot be changed in iManager. 
You may see these errors in /var/log/cifs/cifs.log when cifs starts, if debug is enabled:
setsockopt TCP_NODELAY failed returned : 22
setsockopt fail !!
DCNC state is invalid, changed to previous state : New


Fixed in OES2 SP3.
The CIFS configuration in yast fails to add attributes to the NCP server object when using port 389, because of an error in the cifs-config.sh script.  The ldapsearch command used for port 389 references an invalid variable name.
Either rerun the CIFS configuration using port 636 or use the following commands to backup the script and modify it to have the correct variable name:
cp /opt/novell/cifs/bin/cifs-config.sh{,.orig}
sed -i s/TMP_LDAP_TRUSTEE/TMP_LDIF_TRUSTEE/g /opt/novell/cifs/bin/cifs-config.sh
After running these commands, the CIFS configuration should work properly using port 389.