iPrint Migration feature: manually copying the XML file from NW to Linux

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  • 23-Nov-2009
  • 14-Nov-2013


Novell iPrint for Linux
Novell iPrint for NetWare


This document describes a feature introduced in the Nov 2009 iPrint migration code which benefits iPrint migrations failures of one of these scenarios:

Scenario 1:
The iPrint Migration successfully copied the printer drivers, but did not create the printer agents or create the transformed XML file of /opt/novell/iprint/bin/psmimport.xml.  

Scenario 2:
The iPrint Migration successfully copied the printer drivers and created the transformed XML file of /opt/novell/iprint/bin/psmimport.xml, but the printer agents were not created and the transformed XML does not contain the desired information for the new print manager to receive. 

Scenario 3:
The iPrint Migration failed to copy printer drivers, create printer agents, and create the transformed XML file of /opt/novell/iprint/bin/psmimport.xml.  However, the printer drivers can be migrated using a cool solution script found at:  https://www.novell.com/communities/node/6167/iprint-driver-copy-script-migrating-iprint-netware-drivers-oes-linux


With OES2, the following fix requires that the iprntman authentication can succeed. Test this authentication by executing this command from the target server:
iprntman psm -l
When prompted for the user name, provide the CN (no context) of the user provided during the miggui initial authentication.
OES11 does not require an iprntman authentication.

Download the latest novell-iprint-migration RPM dated 31MAR2010 or later from RUG.  It can also be obtained from:
  1. Copy /opt/novell/iprint/share/PSMInfo.nlm to the NetWare server's sys:\ndps directory
  2. At the NetWare server console, type
    • sys:\ndps\psminfo.nlm
  3. Copy the newly created sys:\ndps\psminfo.xml to the target server's /opt/novell/iprint/share/ directory. ***
  4. Run the iPrint Migration from the target server.
    • The iPrint Migration will detect the xml file in the share directory and not communicate with the source Print Manager server.

Additional Information

*** Note:  the psminfo.xml MUST be lower case.