How to format bodyText field when sending e-mail through JavaScript action

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  • 19-Nov-2009
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Sentinel 6.1
Novell Sentinel 6.1 Sentinel Control Center
Novell Sentinel 6.1 Correlation Server


A specific instance of an Integrator can be used by a JavaScript Action. When calling the action there is no variable for formating bodyText field. This can be accomplished using HTML tags.


1) Launch SCC
2) Go to Tools | Action Manager
3) Click "Add", name the Action, and choose "Send Email" JavaScript action
4) In the field body, you can use HTML tags to format the e-mail to be sent

Example: <h1>An important heading</h1><br> <h2>A slightly less important heading</h2><br> <p>This is the first paragraph.</p><br> <a href="">Novell, Inc.</a>