Using PAGen.exe as a NetWare iPrint mass management tool

  • 7004854
  • 11-Nov-2009
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell iPrint for NetWare


How to mass create iPrint printers to a NetWare print manager. 
Use PAGen.exe to create iPrint printers to a new Print Manager database, or add printers to an existing Print Manager database.

Note:  See KB 7004851 to learn "How to rebuild a corrupt NDPS Manager database using PAGen3.exe".


  1. Search for PAGen.exe from the Novell Download page.
  2. Create a PAGen compatible CSV file as the input file. 
    • View a CSV file auto generated by NDPSM as an example file.
      • [vol]:\ndps\xxxxxxxx.psm\padbtxt.csv
      • If the example CSV does not contain one or more rows as sample lines for printer agents, create a printer using iManager, then force a back up of the database (or wait a few minutes) for the CSV to be populated with that new printer information to provide sample syntax.
  3. Copy PAGen3.exe and the CSV file to the workstations C: drive.
  4. Ensure the Print Manager and Broker are loaded on the NetWare server.
  5. Ensure the drivers listed in the CSV exist on the currently loaded Broker.
  6. Ensure the NDPS Component is installed to the workstation.
    • Your workstation must have the Novell Client installed with the NDPS Component and a Primary connection to the NDPS Manager tree.  To confirm this:
      • Right-click the RED N
      • Choose "NetWare Connections..."
      • Under the Resource column, look for the tree where the NDPS Manager object resides with an asterisk (*) next to the name.
  7. Run the PAGen Associate Operation within a command prompt as follows:
pagen3 /psm=.nameofPSM.OU.OU.O /broker=.nameofbroker.OU.OU.O /tree=yourTreeName /operation=create /CSVfile=padbtxt.csv

This operation will create all of the Printer Agents listed in the CSV to the print manager database (psmdb.dat) and create new eDirectory objects in the tree for each corresponding PA.   A PAGen log file will be created to the same directory which PAGen3.exe was executed.  The log file will show a summary of the operation and errors.