Windows 7 and Novell BorderManager 3.9

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  • 11-Nov-2009
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell BorderManager 3.9 Support Pack 2
Novell BorderManager 3.9 Internal Release 1


Novell BorderManager windows applications compatibility with Windows 7

1. 32bits windows 7 systems:

- Only Professional and Ultimate versions have been tested

- Clntrust works fine along with the NovellClient for Vista 2 IR1a or above on bm39sp2_ir1 server.

- Vpn client for Vista 3.9.3 (included in bm39sp2_IR1) works fine as well, along with bm39sp2_ir1 vpn server.

2. 64bits windows 7 systems:

- Clntrust will work fine along with the Novell  Client for Vista 2 IR1a or above

- Vpn client will not work. Currently there is no 64bits vpn client. A third party IKE/IPSec vpn client should be used.