FFFDFFCD Backing up GroupWise

  • 7004829
  • 09-Nov-2009
  • 30-Apr-2012


Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 (OES 2) Linux SP2


Whenever the GroupWise databases were being backed up, the error FFFDFFCD would be presented:
f4005ba0:FS_VFS_Open : Start
f4005ba0:FS_VFS_Open [00260]: open failed. ret: 0000000d.
arg : /gwise/domain/gwdom.dc
f4005ba0:FS_VFS_Close : Start
f4005ba0:FS_VFS_Open = fffdffcd
f4005ba0:JOB_InsertOpenList : Start
F4005BA0:JOB_InsertOpenList [433 ]:Internal Error
f4005ba0:JOB_InsertOpenList = fffdffb1
f4005ba0:tsaOpenThread = fffdffb1
F4005BA0:OpenDataSetForBackup [299 ]:OUT: handle=b1b1b1b1
f4005ba0:OpenDataSetForBackup = fffdffcd
F3647BA0:tsaReadThread [737 ]:Woken up by the open thread..
F3647BA0:tsaReadThread [735 ]:Sleeping on the read sync..
f4005ba0:OpenDataSetForBackup : Start
This information was taken from the SMS debug log after tsafs has been configured to use debug mode. In linux this can be done with these parms:
/opt/novell/sms/bin/./smsconfig -u tsafs
./smsconfig -l tsafs --smsdebug fffffffc --smsdebug2 fffffffc
This will create the debug log in /var/opt/novell/log/sms.


This debug log entry indicates that the user doing the backup does not have rights to these files. Even the user admin has been seen to have this problem. As as a workaround, try using the root user to do the backup. Also, permissions for the edirectory user can be specifically granted for these files/dirs.