How to see object ids in moscfg

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  • 04-Nov-2009
  • 11-Jul-2012


Business Service Manager 4.5


You are using config store with a database back end and you want to correlate row ids to object you see using the moscfg tool.


Edit ../bin/moscfg or moscfg.bat depending on your operation system.

Change the command string, Windows example, from:

@call "C:\mo450\ManagedObjects\bin\mosjava" com.mosol.configstore.gui.ConfigEditorFrame %*


@call "C:\mo450\ManagedObjects\bin\mosjava" com.mosol.configstore.gui.ConfigEditorFrame -Dtest.template=true %*

Next time you start moscfg you will be able to see the object ids.

If you want to make this a permanent change, make the same change to ../bin/template/moscfg or moscfg.bat.