Typing Time software issues with Netware 6.5

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  • 16-Oct-2009
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell NetWare 6.5
Cengage Learning Typing Time


Unable to access the Typing Time Software
Unable to get into the Typing Time Software after exiting
Able to access the Typing Time Software if everyone accesses the software at the same time

Upgraded NetWare 5.1 to NetWare 6.5


:Follow the steps listed below to disable Level 2 Oplocks and File Caching:
  1. Type Monitor on the System Console and press Enter
  2. Scroll down to Server Parameters and press Enter
  3. Scroll down to NCP

Additional Information


The issue is with op-locking. Op-locking level 2 allows the first workstation needing write access to a network file, to copy the entire file down to it's local memory to perform file operations. As long as no other user needs to modify the file, then all operations will be performed quickly using only workstation resources. No further packets are sent back and forth between the workstation and server. Other workstations can still access the file without effecting the workstation that holds the op-lock as long as their access is restricted to read access only. Once the workstation has completed it's need for the file, then the data is flushed back out to the server. The server then commits the new data to disk.

Op-locking can be a great performance boost. But this is not always the case. Everything is dependent on the network environment. With applications where many users are modifying the same files, op-locking gives you no real advantages. If anything, it adds to overhead and may decrease performance. On the other hand in applications or situations where not more then one user is modifying a file, file access and performance can be greatly increased. This allows the workstation to utilize op-locking and gain a considerable amount of performance gain.

Since the op-lock is enabled only few users are able to get in to the application and others have read access to the application. Once the user is done with the application the application is flush back on to the server again and is made available for the next user.

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