Example script for backing up Novell Teaming on Linux

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  • 14-Oct-2009
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell Teaming 2.0
MySQL server for linux


How to for backing up Novell Teaming on linux.


Example backup script submitted by a customer on the Novell Teaming forum.
Version 1.1
mkdir -p $TEMPDIR
#Stop Teaming according to Novell Docs (OPTIONAL)
/etc/init.d/teaming stop
#Make a dump of the SQL Database and copy it to a directory created
#(Password filled with stars ;-)
mysqldump -u root -p******* --all-databases > $TEMPDIR/all_databases.sql
# Copy the relevant Teaming and MySQL Service Files (Lucene is in theTeaming Directory)
cp -r /var/opt/novell/teaming $TEMPDIR
cp -r /var/lib/mysql $TEMPDIR
#Start Teaming (If stopped previously)
/etc/init.d/teaming start
#TAR & Compress everything and add today`s date (Only day, so max. of 31 Backups)
tar -cjf $BACKUPDIR/teaming_`date +%d`_backup.tar.bz2 $TEMPDIR
# bzip2 $BACKUPDIR/teaming_`date +%d`_backup.tar.bz2
#nill the temp. Backup Directory
rm -rf ./*

Note: Stopping the Teaming service is not required. However, please keep in mind that any transactions that are taking place during the backup process will not be backed up. We also recommend scheduling the backup at a time of minimum user activity.

Additional Information

This script is strictly an example and would have to be modified for each application.
For example, if the Teaming 2.x system was updated from Teaming 1.x, then the "/home/icecoredata" directory may need to be backed up instead of the "/var/opt/novell/teaming" directory.  It all depends on where the Teaming data store is defined.