HOWTO: How to perform Server Sync to physical machine (X2P)

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  • 09-Oct-2009
  • 25-Jul-2017


PlateSpin Migrate 9 .x, 11.x. 12.x


This article explains how to perform Server Sync to physical machine (X2P).
Server Sync is useful in situations where the size of volume data or network conditions are prohibitive for a full workload transfer over the network.


The X2P Server Sync job will copy only the differences between source and target volumes.


This is the recommended method when going back from a restored or failed over VM (resulting from P2V job) to original physical hardware (failback to physical in Forge).


Note: In certain situations, attempting a full V2P back to the original hardware will result in a disk size validation error which prevents the job from being started.



Server sync protection/migration has 2 parts as follows:


A. Registering the target physical machine with PortabilitySuite server using Take Control ISO image:


1. Burn the appropriate Physical Target Take Control ISO image on a CD or save it to the required

media, from which your target can boot.

2. Boot the target machine, using the media/CD with ISO image burned.


3. When prompted, enter the Portability Suite Server URL, using the following syntax:


Replace server_host with the actual Portability Suite Server host’s name or IP address.


4. Enter your credentials for the Portability Suite Server.



5. Specify a static IP address or indicate that the machine should dynamically obtain an IP address

from a DHCP server.


6. Enter a name for the target host and specify an existing Portability Suite Network to work with. This will be Default if you haven’t added a new network.. After a few moments, Portability Suite displays the physical target in the Servers view.



B. Configuring and running a Server sync job:


1. Discover your source workload.


2. In the Servers view, drag your source workload and drop it on the required target (Server Sync

discovered physical machine under control).


If an operating system is detected on the target, and if the detected operating system matches that on the source, the system prompts you to select the scope of data to transfer (complete source volume data or only files that are different between the source and the target).


3. Select the Server Sync option, then click Start. A Server Sync job starts in Advanced mode.


4. Configure the parameters of the job as dictated by the purpose of the operation. Make sure that

you map the required volumes on the source to those on the target.


5. Click Start. Portability Suite starts the job and lists it in the Jobs view.






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