INFO: Inventory of Windows 2003 server does not list disk type for SAN disks

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  • 09-Oct-2009
  • 26-Apr-2012


PlateSpin PowerRecon 3.7


This article provides information about SAN disks on Windows 2003 server not being determined as Fiber Channel in inventory data.

One of the new features of Platespin Recon 3.7 is the ability to identify the disk type (Local, SAN) for inventoried machines. This includes all supported platforms except IBM AIX.


Another exception to this function is the inability to list attached SAN disks as fiber Channel (FC) storage type for Windows 2003 server platform. This is because Windows 2003 server doesn’t have the required file (hbaapi.mof) which is responsible for identifying the disk type as FC. Therefore, in the properties of inventoried Windows 2003 server, the SAN disk type is listed incorrectly as "Local" under "Storage" tab. This file exists on Windows 2008 server.


The work around to address this issue is copying this file from a Windows 2008 server to the Windows 2003 server which has attached SAN drives. Follow the steps listed below to resolve this issue:

1. Copy “%Windows%\system32\wbem\hbaapi.mof” file from any Windows 2008 server to the SAN attached Windows 2003 server to same location.

2. Edit the file (hbaapi.mof) with wordpad. Remove string “#pragma autorecover” and save it.

3. Run the following command in command prompt from within the same directory where the file is located:
“-N:\root\cimv2 hbaapi.mof” (without quotes)
4. Refresh inventory of the Windows 2003 server and view properties of the machine. Check disk properties under "Storage" tab. It should list the disk type as "Fiber Channel".
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