Slproto does not finish loading

  • 7004599
  • 05-Oct-2009
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell SecureLogin
AD mode


Slproto does not finish loading
The SecureLogin splash screen appears, and then goes away without launching
The blue hand does not appear in the task bar


This issue can be caused by a corrupted user profile on the workstation.  The profile will need to be deleted, and allowed to be re-created from Active Directory.

1.  Backup any files / settings / information that belongs to the particular user to a safe location.
2.  Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > (Swith to Classic View) > System > Advanced > Settings under the User Profiles.
3.  Delete the user profile that is having the problem.

4.  Log into AD as the 'problem' user.

SecureLogin should now launch without issue.

Additional Information

It is important to attempt to narrow down the issue as much as possible before completing the steps listed above.  Determine if the issue follows a user or follows a workstation.  Take a "broken" user and try to login on a known working machine.  Take a working user and try to login on the "broken" machine.  This will help narrow down whether the issue is user related or workstation related.