Passwords not syncing from AD to IDM Vault

  • 7004549
  • 17-Apr-2012
  • 30-Apr-2012


Novell Identity Manager 3.6.1


Getting the following error on the Remote Loader logger screen when changing an existing users password in MMC on the Domain Controller:

ADDriver: [PWD] PassSyncPassword()
ADDriver: [PWD] - GetDCKey()
ADDriver: [PWD] - GetDCKey() returned 0x80090015.
ADDriver: [PWD] PassSyncPassword() returned 0x80090015


Found on the Domain Controller where the Remote Loader was running that the registry had changed. SOFTWARE\Novell\PassSync\   The Driver Machine data value was set to 0.  After changing the value to 1 and restarting the AD Driver and Remote Loader the passwords would then sync.


After upgrading the Remote loader, password sync DLL and rebooting the DC server the remote loader passwords would not sync because when going into the control Pannel applet for IDM password sync, they answered the question wrong.  The question asks if this is the machine where the remote loader will be running. You should always answer yes.