Registration changes when using PPC Virtualization (IBM PowerVM)

  • 7004469
  • 21-Sep-2009
  • 27-Apr-2012


SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10
PowerPC Architecture only


Failure to register x86 virtual machines (guests) hosted on the PowerVM PPC-based hypervisor (host).


The SUSE Linux Enterprise Server subscription for the PowerPC architecture includes a registration code for PowerPC hosts. Additionally, starting September 28, 2009 a second registration code, to be used exclusively for x86 architecture virtual machines hosted on PowerPC hardware via the PowerVM hypervisor, is included.

Customers not using virtualization continue their operations as previously, while those wishing to deploy x86 virtual machines need to make use of the second registration code to register their x86 guests with the Novell Customer Center to receive updates, while continuing to use the PowerPC code to register their PowerPC hosts.

Customers lacking the second registration code to be used with x86 guests should contact, referencing this TID and requesting a code to be issued.

It is important to stress that the code meant for PowerPC cannot be used to register x86 hosts, nor the x86 code to register PowerPC hosts.

Additional Information

Virtualization detection

The registration infrastructure will attempt to detect virtual guests automatically, but in cases where this fails the customer can manually tag a virtual machine following the instructions provided in TID 7002030 - Virtual machines are counted incorrectly in NCC.


IBM PowerVM (formerly known as Advanced Power Virtualization) is a combination of hardware, firmware and software that provides CPU, network and disk virtualization. Please find more information here:

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