Transfer ID Migration fails to migrate hosts and nam configuration

  • 7004358
  • 02-Sep-2009
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 (OES 2)


The Transfer ID migration fails to migrate the DNS information. 
The migration.log shows the following messages:

ERROR - ServerIDSwap:Host Name Change:Host Name resolution for the source server was unsuccessful
INFO  - ServerIDSwap:Host Name Change:Update the host name entry in the hosts file from the project path and re-run the host change step

The debug.log shows the following message: /var/opt/novell/migration/<ProjectName>/HOSTS (No such file or directory)

The Transfer ID migration fails to migrate the LUM configuration. 
The migration.log shows the following messages:

ERROR - ServerIDSwap:namgroupmod:Failed to find the LUM enabled groups (i.e admingroup, www and novlxtier). LUM enable these groups manually and re-execute the migration step.
ERROR - ServerIDSwap:namgroupmod:command  failed.

The debug.log shows the following:

SwapMigTool:getLUMBaseName() - FileNotFoundException: /var/opt/novell/migration/<ProjectName>/nam.conf (No such file or directory)


This problem has been submitted to engineering.

Exit the migration tool between projects.

Additional Information

This problem occurs as a result of a bug.   The transfer id migration does not appropriately reset the migration if the migration tool is not closed between projects.    A scenario where multiple projects are run would be to first run a project to run the pre-migration check.  A second project is run to execute the actual transfer ID migration.    The last project directory (/var/opt/novell/migration/<ProjectName>/) will not have the nam.conf or hosts files.

Alternative workaround:
  1. Manually copy the hosts file from the NetWare server to the target server's  /var/opt/novell/migration/<ProjectName>/ directory.
  2. Re-run the migration from the point where it failed.
  3. The migration will also fail at the LUM configuration section.  When that occurs, manually create or enable the admingroup, www and novlxtier groups for the server's UnixConfig object.
  4. Skip the rest of the Transfer ID migration, restart the server, run an NDS Repair
Note:  These alternative workaround steps have received limited testing with a transfer ID migration, but not when other services (File System, iPrint, DNS, etc) are being migrated at the same time.