POA Error 8219 Unable to access software distribution directory

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  • 01-Sep-2009
  • 08-Nov-2012


Novell GroupWise 6.5
Novell GroupWise 7
Novell GroupWise 8


Loading the GroupWise POA reports
Error: [8219] Unable to access software distribution directory: <path to sdd>


Provide the POA with sufficient rights to access the Software Distribution Directory.
In ConsoleOne, right click the Post Office object | Properties | from the GroupWise tab select Post Office Settings | Enter a Remote User Name using the full context to the user for example gwuser.container and click Set Password.  Enter the user's password.  
You will need to allow the MTA and POA to communicate this change before the POA will be updated with the new information.  Once the update has occurred, restart the POA.
Edit the post office startup file.  By default, this is located in the server:\sys\system directory and will be named the post office name.poa, for example: hq_po.poa.   Scroll down to the Remote Connections section.  Following the example provided in the startup file add the /user-username.context /password-password.   Save the file and reload the POA using the startup file.

Additional Information

Error 8219 indicates the POA is unable to connect to a remote network resource.
In other words, the POA is attempting to access the Software Distribution Directory (SDD) on a remote server.
The POA does not have sufficient rights to access the remote server where the SDD is located.