How to configure DNS on second DSFW server

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  • 20-Aug-2009
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 (OES 2) Linux SP1
Domain Services for Windows (DSFW)


How to configure a second DNS server for a DSFW domain.

Disaster recovery for DNS on a DSFW server.


The first domain controller configured for DSFW is the only DNS server for the domain.  New installs of a seconds DSFW server prior to OES2SP3 do not allow DNS to be configured on the server.  A non DSFW server running Novell DNS or a new install of DSFW with OES2SP3 can be used for a second DNS server.

For DSFW DNS Disaster Recovery:
1) It is recommended to have a second OES2 server, that is not configured for DSFW, have Novell DNS installed on it.

2) When install the secondary DNS server, be sure to use the same DNS locator object.  Creating a seconds locator object will cause DNS/DHCP management issues.  The DNS/DHCP console will have to specify the desired locator object on startup.  Example c:\program~1\novell\dnsdhcdnsdhcp.exe -c dnsdhcp_locator.novell. 

3) The Novell DNS server can be primary for all zones including the DSFW zone.  It is recommended a DSFW Domain Controller is primary for the DSFW zone and is a requirement if TSIG Keys are used.

4) If the DSFW DNS server goes down, make the secondary OES2 DNS server authoritative for that zone and verify all other domain controllers and workstations are configured to use the new DNS server.