How to enable the debug options in tsafs.nlm?

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  • 19-Aug-2009
  • 27-Apr-2012


NetWare 6.5
Novell NetWare 6


How to enable the debug options in tsafs.nlm?


To enable the debug option for TSAFS, please enter the following command on the system console:

TSAFS /smsdebug=FFFFFFFC /smsdebug2=FFFFFFFC

Run a small test to backup only a small directory and a bunch of files where this problem manifests itself. This is so that the size of the log is small, as the log tends to get voluminous if a large number of data sets are attempted for backup/restore.

To stop logging key in the following

TSAFS /smsdebug=0 /smsdebug2=0

The log files are generated at the following location, SYS:SYSTEM\TSA\TSADBG.LOG. The logs are appended each time logging is turned on and off. So in case your server is low on disk space please delete the log file after copying it off to another machine.
It is possible to change the default location of the log files by using switch TSAFS /DebugFileName=NewFileName.  Example:  TSAFS /DebugFileName=Data:      This will print the following information on the console.
The debug file location is changed from SYS:\SYSTEM\TSA\TSADBG.LOG to DATA:\

The log file contains a lot of data that is useful in debugging the problem from the TSAs perspective. Enable the debug options, reproduce the problem,  disable the debug options, send the Novell the log file.

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