New iManager mobile 2.7.3 and above do not work with bm 3.9 plugins

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  • 18-Aug-2009
  • 07-Jun-2013


Novell BorderManager 3.9 Support Pack 2


running iManager Workstation 2.7.3 or above from a laptop. iManager works fine for the most part; however,
under "Roles and Tasks," when I attempt to access certain BorderManager
Access Rules screens, I get the following two error messages:
(1) javax.servlet.jsp.jspException: File "/jsp/taglib/help.jsp" not
(2) File "/debug.jsp" not found.

This error is also coming when configuring ftp proxy or tcp/udp ones.


The issue is with "new" iManager 2.7, e.g the one based on tomcat55 and java6
while it works on the "old" iManager 2.7 based on c

I was able to get past my iManager 2.7/BorderManager 3.9
problems using the iManager 2.7 install file from Novell's June 2009
Software Evaluation Library DVD 6, which is the one using tomcat5 and java5.

The DVD file is named, and it's 86 MB in
size. The file I downloaded from Novell is named It's slightly larger than 100 MB, and I
downloaded it from 'NOVELL: Downloads - iManager 2.7'
and this one is using tomcat55 and java6 what causes the error

Additional Information

It is always recommended to run iManager from the BorderManager server itself. If that can not be done and iManager is running from a different server, then make sure that it has access to a ds replica that holds the BorderManager server object.