GroupWise Mobile client for the Nokia E75 devices.

  • 7004132
  • 07-Aug-2009
  • 10-Dec-2013


Novell GroupWise Mobile Server 3


The new Nokia E75 devices by default do not allow the installation of the older Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite Clients, and the default Nokia Messaging Client on the device does not support connections to Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite Servers.


This patch / fix now adds support for the Nokia Messaging Client to be setup and connect to Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite Servers.

Note ! It has only be tested with GroupWise Mobile Server 3.0.1.

Please follow the steps below to enable support of Intellisync client on an E75 device

1.) Update to SW v. 110.48.125 step is MANDATORY
2.) Reset phone to factory settings (type *#7370# in home screen and input lock code which is 12345 as default unless the user has done changes.
3.) Install SettingWizard_CR.SIS
4.) Log into the WebPIM and Select Settings > Update Software.
This will send an SMS message to the device and kick off the setup menu, and also bypass other menus


Additional Information

Nokia FAQ [ 1424639 ]