Unable to administrate a cluster in iManager when cluster services is not running

  • 7004115
  • 06-Aug-2009
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell Cluster Services
Novell iManager 2.7
Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 (OES 2) Linux


When trying to administrate a cluster, the following message is displayed in iManager after selecting the cluster in Cluster Manager:
Error:  Clustering Error
File Protocol error occurred: cannot open the NCS version file on the selected cluster. The Cluster software may not currently be running on this server.

Cluster services is not loaded on any of the nodes.


This is working as designed. iManager can only administrate Novell Cluster Services when theMaster_IP_Address_Resource is running and when it is able to connect to its IP address. The resolve this issue, you have at least to start novell-ncs on 1 of the nodes.

Deleting a resource is only supported with iManager or NSSMU (which will not work when Novell Cluster Services is not running). Using other tools is not supported and could cause unpredicted results.

Additional Information

If it is needed to change some settings (e.g. GIPC Tolerance), this can be done via iManager | View Objects | select the cluster object. Under General | Other you can change settings. Another example would be to change the script of a resource when this is causing problems.

Please be carefully using this option. Only perform this after contacting Novell Support who will tell you what to change. Wrongly made modifications can prevent the cluster from starting at all.