Is there a procedure to migrate GMS data between two MS SQL servers ?

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  • 05-Aug-2009
  • 10-Dec-2013


Novell GroupWise Mobile Server 2
Novell GroupWise Mobile Server 3
Microsoft SQL 2000 server
Microsoft SQL 2005 server


There might come a situation when you would like to migrate GMS data stored on external MS SQL server to another box. This article describes a procedure how to move GMS data from one server running MS SQ 2000 on another running MS SQ 2005 database. Please note, that if you shall run into database migration problems although following this article, then you will need to consult also Microsoft support site for further troubleshooting the SQL issues.  


Here is a procedure that works for most migration cases:
1. On your GMS server, close any Admin Console and stop Intellisync Mobile Suite services.
2. On MS SQL 2000 server make a backup of Intellisync Mobile Suite database. One way of doing it is from the Enterprise Manager tool run from the local SQL server:
a) Expand MS SQL Servers
b) Expand local SQL server
c) Expand Databases
d) Right-click on Intelisync Mobile Suite database and select All Tasks | Backup Database. Follow the backup steps.
3. Once you are done with backup, run the same utility and detach the Intellisync database via All Tasks | Detach Database. Once it is finished, the Intellisync database will be dropped off the databases list.
4. On the server under C:\Program Files\MS SQL server\MSSQL\Data there are two files Intellisync Mobile Suite.mdf and *.LDF. These are the files you will need to copy on a new, MS SQL 2005 server.
5. Copy Intellisync database files on new MS SQ 2005 server. A location is usually C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQ Server\MSSQL.1\MSSQL\Data location.
6. On SQL 2005 server start MS SQL Server Management Studio and follow steps:
a) Expand the local server
b) Right-click on Databases and select Attach. Navigate to the Intellisync MDF file location and select the file.
c) After you succeed, then you will see Intellisync Mobile Suite database container under Databases.
7. On the GMS server:
a) Start ODBC tool on the server via Start | Programs | Administrative Tools | Data Sources (ODBC).
b) Click on System DSN tab and you shall see Intellisync suite listed with SQL driver. 
c) Highlight it and click on Configure. Follow the wizard and make sure that you replace older MS SQL 2000 IP address with new, MS SQL 2005 server IP. Run also connectivity test that is a part of the ODBC tool wizard to see that you are able to connect to a new SQL 2005 server.
d) Now start Intellisync mobile suite Windows services, then Admin Console. The console shall be able to connect to the SQL 2005 server and read migrated Intellisync database data and display all GMS users and settings.
e) Start any web browser and try to login in any of migrated mailboxes.