ZLM 7.3 agent install breaks ZDML 7 preboot service component (PXE)

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  • 31-Jul-2009
  • 30-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks 7.3 Linux Management - ZLM7.3
Novell ZENworks 7 Desktop Management on Linux Support Pack 1 - ZDML7 SP1


The following is shown during ZLM 7.3 agent install:

Checking for installed packages...

   The following packages are already installed:
         novell-zenworks-zmglibs   7.0.1-3

   Installing may overwrite any configuration you have for these packages.

Then the following error is shown when attempting to start preboot service:

/opt/novell/zenworks/preboot/bin/novell-zmgprebootpolicyd: symbol lookup error:
/opt/novell/zenworks/preboot/lib/libzisdn.so: undefined symbol:
start_daemon:  exit status of parent of
/opt/novell/xenworks/preboot/bin/novell-zmgprebootpolicy: 127


Ensure that the novell-zenworks-zmg* rpm packages in ZDML do not get overwritten by the imaging components of the ZLM agent.  This can be acomplished by not installing the imaging component of the zlm agent, as follows:

zlm-install -i

These conflicts may also happens when updating the ZLM7.3 Agent using Hot Patch Channel or Bundle, which will also break the Preboot component of  the ZDML Server installation
  Resolution : Perform the following operation before upgrading the ZLM Managed Device using ZLM Hot Patch :
  Workaround 1 :

   Lock the following conflicting ZDML imaging packages on the ZDML Server device by using "rug la" command .
 This will prevent upgrade of conflicting packages on the device, if packages are updated directly from NU channel.

 - novell-zenworks-zmglibs
 - novell-zenworks-zmgweb
 - novell-zenworks-zmgmcast
 - novell-zenworks-zmgpolicy
 - novell-zenworks-zmgpxeclientfiles
 - novell-zenworks-zmgservices-dhost
 - novell-zenworks-zmgupdate
 - novell-zenworks-zmgutils
 - yast2-perl-bindings
 - python
 - novell-proxydhcp
 - novell-tftp
 - nici

  Workaround 2 :

  Remove the 13 conflicting packages listed above, from the ZLM Hot Patch update bundle.
 This will prevent upgrade of conflicting packages on any of the device where the Hot Patch bundle
 is deployed and installed.

 If packages are updated from upgrade bundle it will be enough to remove conflicting
 novell-zenworks-zmglib and novell-zenworks-zmgweb packages from the bundle

Additional Information

If packages are updated from zlm upgrade bundle, it will be enough to lock 'novell-zenworks-zmglibs'and 
'novell-zenworks-zmgweb' on ZDML Server Because of the existence of ZLM server and agent packages
iin same channel the zlm update process will also try to upgrade the ZDML server packages .
Example of zlmmirror file: